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Eat cakes which are 100% maida free.

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Our motto is to
bake healthy cakes..

A healthy cake has no added butter, sugar or maida. We make and serve healthy cakes from freshly baked ingredients. We make cakes for all occasions. We also make cakes without the use of nuts and dairy ingredients. Wondering how it is possible to make cakes which are eggless and 100% maida free. We use the mantra of healthy cooking. Using palm or coconut sugar for sweetness and makeit in olive or canola oil.

Maida another major ingredient is replaced either by sorghum, quinoa and brown rice which are nutritive and has less calories and at the same time are suitable for baking cakes.

Children are surely will enjoy the taste of the cakes which are made from these healthy ingredients.

so you enjoy eating desserts without the guilt and taste compromise. We are 100% maida free, eggless bakery who bake delicious cakes using moist, super fresh made with all healthy ingredients. If you are looking for maida free cakes our eggless cakes are the best option for you. We use millets like sorghum, Quinoa, Brown rice to replace maida. Use healthy oils like Olive and canola oils instead of butter. If you want to avoid sugar, substitutewith Palm sugar/Coconut sugar. Milk cream option to replace pure chocolates. Also offers to customize cakes with a variety of shapes and design to look it attractive at the same time.

We all want to enjoy cakes and bakery products in our celebrations but
at the same time live in guilt for days carrying extra calorie burden physically and mentally.

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